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Indigo's team for Regional Economic Recovery

Foth Infrastructure and Environment and Indigo Development are working as partners for regional economic recovery in the upper Midwest, as well as on long-term sustainable development plannning.
Foth is an engineering and planning firm with headquarters in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It is has offices in  Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, New Jersey, and Washington DC. Foth

Ernest Lowe is CEO of Indigo Development, the first consulting firm to put industrial ecology into practice in regional sustainable development. He played a central role in creating the concept of eco-industrial parks (EIP) as a hub for regional economic development and providing strategic guidance to their development. He has been strategic planning consultant for eco-industrial park developments in Wisconsin, Northern California, New York, Puerto Rico, Texas, Wisconsin, Maryland, West Virginia, South Africa, Thailand, the Philippines, China, South Korea, and Vietnam. Lowe is author of the Eco-Industrial Handbook for Asian Developing Countries (2001) prepared for Asian Development Bank and co-author of an earlier version for US EPA. A second book he co-authored is Discovering Industrial Ecology, 1998, Battelle Press.

Industrial parks provide critical physical and economic infrastructure for economic develoment. Lowe's seventeen years of experience in this field has led him to a broader practice in regional economic develoment and integrative action planning. He emphasizes coordinating economic development with efficiency of resource use, conservation planning, ecosystem restoration, and response to climate change. This integrative regional approach is his foundation for designing economic recovery in the current financial and economic crisis.

Alexis Victors has developed over fifty industrial parks and residential land projects in the western United States. He has conducted land use projects in the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Hungary and Mexico. He is now president and chief operating officer of Victors and Associates, a consulting firm that specializes in land use analysis, workouts, and disposition for landowners. He also consults on project proposals, real estate use selection, creating and increasing real estate value, real estate financing asset management, corporate management, project management, organization and team building. His commitment to sustainable real estate development has led him to collaborate with Indigo Development on projects in China, New York, and Wisconsin, as well as with Sustainable Systems Inc. which is described in the next bio. 

James Hurd Nixon is co-founder and Chair of the Board of Sustainable Systems, Inc, a business and economic development corporation that provides market-based strategies for the achievement of sustainable development and smart growth. Mr. Nixon is project manager for Sustainable Systems' role as Lead Consultant to the Bay Area Council for the Bay Area Family of Funds – the regional initiative designed to use market forces to reduce poverty and encourage smart growth in the 10 county Bay Area.  He was also project manager for Sustainable Systems' collaboration with Strategic Development Solutions and Economic Innovation International in the production of the Double Bottom Line Handbook: Best Practices for Regional Investment Initiatives and Funds, funded by the Ford Foundation. His expertise includes formation of regional investment infrastructure for sustainable community programs. He also served as the project manager for Sustainable Systems' coordination of three international Building the Sustainable Economy conferences.
Prior to assuming these roles, Mr. Nixon served as Senior Vice President for Social Research and Network Services for 12 years with Progressive Asset Management, Inc, the first socially responsible investment broker/dealer. 

Judi Schweitzer is President, Schweitzer + Associates, Inc.  and a pioneer in creating and applying emerging green and sustainable development solutions and techniques to real estate acquisition, predevelopment, development and construction of the built environment for master-planned communities,resorts, lifestyle and mixed-use commercial projects. Building upon over 20 years of experience in real estate development, entitlements, underwriting and design, Schweitzer consults to portfolio managers and owners of unique legacy properties and their teams; designing and implementing market entry and development strategies for sustainable communities, creating projects that are environmentally responsible, sustainable, beautiful, livable and valuable.

Ivan Weber is an eco-industrial planner with extensive experience in environmental planning and land use planning/management for both urban and rural settings.  From 1992 to 2001 he was contractor for Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation, a subsidiary of Rio Tinto (worldwide diversified mining company), performing environmental analysis, planning, reporting and design services for a large mining property nearing closure. Functions included ecological restoration planning and construction, damaged lands reclamation, wetlands for water treatment, source control construction management and regulatory reporting, and environmental contracts management.

His expertise includes ecological restoration, remediation and damaged-lands reclamation; sustainable forest certification, reforestation, constructed wetlands for water quality, wetlands restoration and landscaping for habitat enhancement, with an emphasis on landscape-scale ecological functions and values, and mined-lands/waters restoration.  He is particularly interested in the recovery of towns and regions damaged by mining and other extractive industries. He was founding Chairman, US Green Building Council-Utah (officially the “USGBC-Utah Organizing Group”) and accredited to administer the US Green Building Council’s “LEED” 2.0/2.1 green building certification system.

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